Flight of the Pelican

Flight of the Pelican

Today, we celebrate the accomplishments of a titular figure in our community. Not of the hardy writers or the distinguished actors, but of someone in between: Joz Butler, class of 2022. As Editor in Chief of King School newspaper, The Pelican, they have been recognized by the illustrious Quill and Scroll society, an international organization that surveys and accredits high school journalism.

As a writer, editor, and director of Pelican articles, Joz has put their utmost efforts into making this newspaper what it is today. Beloved by us members, Joz is the heart and soul of this project -- and is more than deserving of this most prestigious accolade. “I just want to say a huge thank you to the whole team at the Pelican,” Joz said in response to their recognition. “None of what we've done today would be possible without [the Pelican crewmembers] and they're all incredibly talented people. I'm very honored to be acknowledged here today.” Humble as they are, though, Joz has truly made the Pelican what it is now -- and us members are extremely grateful for the opportunities they have given us, as well as the community Joz built from the ground up.

As a recipient of the Quill and Scroll award, Joz will go on to be listed as the representative for the Pelican, which is now featured in an index of high school newspapers across the world. Proud of their achievements, Joz has high hopes for the future of the newspaper -- as do we all. “I hope that the Pelican will go on to be a wonderful news source and continue supporting young writers!” Joz writes, setting in stone their high hopes for the future -- and when Joz sets their mind to something, it’s almost inevitable that it will come to pass. Through their work in computer science, musical theater, and journalism, Joz has left a permanent impact on the King community -- soaring on the wings of the pelican they cultivated and designed.

From all of us to you, Joz, we are so proud of the work you’re doing -- and of the work you will do in the future. Being the amazing person you are, we thank you for everything you’ve done for us, both as a leader and a friend. Spearheading this project would have been hard enough on its own, but the fact that you did so during a literal pandemic is nothing short of amazing -- not that it would shock us. The happiness you bring to the world is immeasurable, and honestly we don’t know what we’d do without your love and support. Keep being yourself, forever and always.

Sincerely, The Pelican