WandaVision Review: Episodes 1-7

You may have heard of the hit show currently airing on Disney Plus; find out more about it with Charlotte Alexander as she breaks down each episode! (Mild Spoiler Warnings)

WandaVision Review: Episodes 1-7

Since April of 2019, Marvel fans have been patiently waiting for the release of the Disney plus show, WandaVision. Fans were given some hints on what the show would be like and the story behind it, but not much was told until closer to its release date (January 15th, 2021). It is important to note however, that this is one of the first major shows to be filmed DURING the COVID-19 pandemic. Most the show was filmed from December 2019 to February 2020, but some shots needed to be done in September of 2020 (Credits to Wikipedia). With that in mind, let me say that this show is a triumph for managing to keep its release date, while also filming safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there are 7 episodes airing on Disney Plus, with the 2 two final episodes coming in the following weeks. I think the best way to do this show justice is to do a mini review on every episode so far, but don't worry, I won't go into spoiler territory. WandaVision follows the two avengers, Wanda Maximoff and her love interest, Vision, through different sitcoms. That sentence may sound odd, but stay with me while reading.

Episode 1: Set in the 1950s, this episode pays homage to the Dick Van Dyke show or I Love Lucy. It's even in black and white. The plot is simple. Wanda and Vision both think it is their anniversary, when really it is the day that Vision's boss is coming over for dinner. In typical 50s sitcom fashion, hijinks ensue. I even found myself laughing at some of the jokes. Episode rating: 9/10

Episode 2: 1960s: Wanda and Vision need to impress the town and those around them to try in fit in. And what better way to do so then by participating the the towns magic show? A cute episode, but not as fun as the last one. Rating: 7/10

Episode 3: 1970s (Ok, MINOR SPOILERS, but nothing huge): Wanda finds out she is pregnant, but things move a little quicker than normal. A typical "the baby is coming" episode, with a dark twist at the end. Rating: 8/10

Episode 4: I don't want to spoil stuff, but lets just say, the audience finds out what the heck is going on. Rating 8/10

Episode 5: 1980s: Now, this episode is funny due to the fact that Elizabeth Olsen's (playing Wanda) sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, were in the 80s hit the show Full House, so things have sort have come full circle for the Olsen family. This episode is one of my favorites, and has nice story beats that I grew up with thanks to Nick@Nite playing Full House all the time when I was little. The stakes are raised in this episode, and there is also a cameo in the end that makes you audibly gasp out loud if you are a Marvel fan. Rating: 9.5/10

Episode 6: 1990s: This episode pays respect to Malcom in the Middle, and it definitely has that 90s glow to them. This episode is a Halloween Spooktacular, which, if you ever watch Disney channel, WILL take you back. Not as plot dense as the last episode, but definitely has key moments that make it so worth the watch. I audibly laughed at scenes, which made me really miss the days when shows had episodes and comedy like this. Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 7: 2000s: You guessed it. It has an The Office themed music intro, and the episode follows the show Modern Family's formula: Fourth Wall breaking. A little bland compared to the last episodes, though some of Agnes's lines made me laugh, but has an ending that is way to important to miss. Rating: 7/10

Overall: WandaVision is such a fun ride right now, and I cannot wait to see how the show rounds out in the end. Midseason Review: 9/10