Body Reported! - Among Us Review

Body Reported! - Among Us Review

If you've heard the phrase "Blue seems kinda sus" or "I was in electrical doing tasks," you've probably heard of Among Us. The indie game can be seen everywhere, from PCs to IPhones, and is now the second most popular game on Twitch, the top game streaming website. Additionally, in just 2 months, Among Us has gone from an average 2,000 views per 7 days on the site to 200,000 views per 7 days. It has also taken over youtube, with popular creators such as DisguisedToast and Markiplier posting several videos to their respective channels. But is the game worth the hype?

The game is a murder mystery type, similar to mafia. The players are all astronauts on a spaceship. Most of the players are "crewmates" who walk around the ship and play minigames, called "tasks", to keep the ship operating. While the crewmates work to maintain the ship, an imposter is secretly in their midst, working to sabotage the ship and eliminate the crewmates. It's fun on both sides; The crewmates must use their skills of deduction to discover the imposter and vote them off the ship if they want to survive, while the imposter must lie and avoid looking suspicious. The game is often played using a voice chat, so discussions about who the impostor is can get heated and friends can turn against friends.

Here's how King students feel about the game:

"Some of the most fun I've had with friends in a long time."
"The perfect quarantine activity."
"I'm addicted."

These quotes also sum up how I feel about the game. Though it took me a little while to master and I still have a bad habit of venting in front of people, Among Us truly hooked me in. This game has pushed my reasoning skills (and my skills of manipulation) to a new level. Whether I am trying to convince my teammates to vote out the killer or sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim, I always have to be on my toes and on the look out. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than finally voting out the killer, or, if you're the imposter, finally eliminating the last crewmate, and seeing the word "Victory" displayed on the screen.

Among Us is a casual, yet addictive game that takes a little bit to master, but once learned is very engaging. My Rating: 10/10.